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Friday, November 4, 2011


Funny.  I'm aware of so much turmoil in this world right now.  Not like on some grand, world-wide, effecting the masses scale, but in much more personal ways.  I have friends who are suffering and friends who are trying to make big (more like HUGE) decisions in their lives. 

My heart is weighed down.  It's so heavy tonight.

The Warden and I went to the temple for our date this evening.  It put a lot of things back into perspective for me, but to be honest, it didn't make carrying what I know any easier.  I wished it would have.

I just got to thinking a few minutes ago, and I have to share what I've been pondering....

I KNOW that there is a God of miracles.  I know that He knows each of us in ways we can't even understand.  He hand chooses things for us to experience because He knows each of our potential, and He wants us to succeed here in this life.  Yes, I believe He is that involved in my life and I believe He loves me that much.

My mind went to miracles I've seen in my life, and I have to say, I see miracles nearly everyday.  No, they're not always earth shattering; though I've seen many of those too, but they are miracles nonetheless, and to discount them as something less than that would be unfair to that God.

I've seen a woman revived from death.  Her family came in to her hospital room to say good-bye to her and within a couple weeks, she was standing in front of me.  Afterward, she would go in to see the doctors for follow up appointments, and they would marvel as they checked the images taken of her lungs--with holes in them--and wonder how she was breathing and living, but she was.

I know of a woman, who I admire deeply for how she has dealt with what life has given her, who had 80% of her body burned, and she lives.  She openly shares the miracle that is her life.

If these things are true, why do we limit God? 

I've heard of "pleading your case" before the Lord.  Are we BEGGING daily to the point of wearing out our knees and our voices?

He loves us.  He wants what's best for us.  Is it because we're afraid He'll say no?  If that's the worst He can do, so be it.  At least we did all that we could in our power.

And if He says yes, then what an opportunity for us to come to know Him better.  What a great chance for us to be able to say we've seen miracles.

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