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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 10- Songs I Listen to When I'm Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

I still LOVE my playlist.  The other day I added on a bunch of random songs from my childhood.  When I found that I had used up my song allowance, I took some of them back off--sad day.

I listen to my playlist frequently.  It goes on after the kids have left for school, and I'm working on cleaning the kitchen and plays intermittently throughout the day.  It cracks me up when the kids go over and turn it on.  A lot of it is just music I've loved over the years.  They complain about a few songs, but for the most part, they enjoy it.  YAY for fun, peppy '80s tunes.

So, I have to add that the songs they complain about are "too repetitive."  HaHaHa!!!  Does this crack anybody up but me?

The other place I turn for music is Pandora.  Right now I'm trying out the David Archuleta station, but my most listened to station is Josh Groban.  Man, I love that guy's voice.  I'm finding that they play a lot of Sarah McLachlan's music, and although she has a very cool last name, I find that I'm not all that fond of her music.  Every so often I'll listen to the Taylor Swift station.  When I study, I listen to the George Frideric Handel station.  On Sundays, I listen to the Mormon Tabernacle choir or Hilary Weeks station.  When I'm hanging out with my little ones and when we're making cookies with Kaffrin, we listen to the Sesame Street station.

Sounds pretty eclectic, doesn't it?

I don't change my listening style much with my moods.  I keep things fairly happy all the time.  When I'm sad, I play the piano--particularly "On Golden Pond," "Princess Leia's Theme," "Jessica's Theme."  After my mom passed away, I spent A LOT of time at the piano--"On Golden Pond" was a staple during those days; you can make it sound as sad as you are.  Very therapeutic.

I have found that music can change my mood pretty quickly, though.  "Into the Ocean" makes me sad.  There's a Duran Duran's "Save a Prayer" is another one.  I always have to sing with that one.  "When I'm 64" by the Beatles just plain makes me happy.  This morning when the playlist went on, Anna Nalick's "Breathe" came on and I sang it at the top of my lungs--just a lot of truth to that song.

So, there you go.  All that didn't really want to know about my music listening habits.  Hah!

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