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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Missionary Project

The kids had a day off today.  #3 and I sat down and matched writers to missionaries and had a grand old time of it.  She's really loving this project.  It's fun to see her make the phone calls to people.  She actually gets excited about calling the people, usually women, who work in the mission offices and take care of the mail.  They have all been so sweet to her so far.

There have been some amazing thing happen from this.  I wanted to share a couple of experiences with you.

A friend, who lives in another ward, called.  She said she wanted a few missionaries names, so she and her daughters could all write.  She asked if they could have sister missionaries to write to, but we only had one sister left on the list.  We thought it was super strange that that sister happened to have the same last name as this woman, and not a very common last name, at that.

Later, she shared with us that this is her daughters' aunt.  Does that seem like a strange coincidence to anyone else?  You know what I think about coincidences, huh?  Thought this was so great!

Here's another story for you....

A few days ago, a friend who has just been diagnosed with cancer wrote to tell me that because of the new development in her life, she wouldn't be able to write any more and how sorry she was.  She shared that the sister they were writing to had taken the time to write back to her and include a message to each of her six children in that letter.  We were both exclaiming over the thoughtfulness of this missionary.

Today, I shared this story with the sister who deals with the mail for the mission that that sister missionary serves in.  She said, "Oh Sister [ ... ] came here straight from Kenya, Africa.  She's had a hard time communicating with her family while she's been here.  She's probably very grateful for the mail."

How great is that?!  I had no idea that there'd be a missionary out there who'd be so grateful for such a simple thing.  How grateful I am for those who are willing to take the time to write them.

As I was studying today, I ran across this...(keep in mind that I'm taking classes through BYU)...This is a quote from my professor:

"I believe the Lord helps those who help missionaries. I have found that when I am trying to help in the service of the Lord, through both personal, family, and financial efforts, not only are others’ lives blessed, but my life and the lives of my family are blessed as well."

So, I'm going to put in a little plug here.  If you'd like to write a missionary, let me know.  We are getting more names all the time.  We also know ways to make it so easy for you.  Just message me here, or you can email #3 at writemissionaries (at) gmail (dot) com, and my daughter or I will be in touch soon to give you the name of a missionary (or two or three; however many you'd like) to write to.

The holidays are coming, and it'd be great to see that these wonderful people know that they are loved and appreciated.  Thanks!


Diane said...

I think we could write to a couple of missionaries if you want to send the info here.

Julie said...

Thank you so much, Diane! How many would you like to write to? If you'll email me at the writemissionaries gmail address, I'll send the names to you. We just got a whole bunch of new names today. Thanks again!

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