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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Warm Again

When we moved into this house, it had a wood burning stove down in the family room.  It did a great job of keeping the house warm, but the Warden hated stoking the fire in the middle of the night, so one year, with our tax return, we purchased a pellet stove.

It looks lovely and keeps our house toasty all winter long.  It's a lot less expensive than using the furnace and heats a lot more solidly too.

Last year it started having trouble and wasn't pumping out the heat like we like it to.  It was really only warming the family room.

Finally, the Warden found a guy to fix it.  He's one of the only guys in the area that knows how to fix this particular brand--it's European and is now no longer being sold in the U.S.  Ugh!

The guy works all week long, and the only day he's available to do work on the side is Sunday.  The Warden asked me what I thought.  We decided that we'd offer to pay him extra and/or feed him dinner if he'd come on Saturday evening after work.

He took us up on it and came tonight.  As I'm writing this, the house is warming up and the glow of the pellet stove is making me feel all cozy.  So glad it's working again.


LeAnn said...

It sounds cozy. I am glad you got it fixed. We have a gas fireplace upstairs and I would love a real fireplace downstairs. Maybe in some moments of time.
Blessings to you and continue to stay warm. Winter is here!

Julie said...

Thank you for commenting LeAnn! You are so good about leaving messages. I have to say today you made my day. Since I started here I've had only one comment. I was starting this think that I either had something set wrong so that people couldn't leave comments, there was some kind of conspiracy going on that everyone knew not to leave a comment here, or I had some kind of blog comment leprosy. Thank you for helping not feel quite so much like a leper. You've cheered me up. I really needed it.

Anonymous said...

I would love a fireplace of any kind.

buzygrizz said...

Proud of your effort to honor the Sabbath! Sometimes things can't be avoided, but this story is a great example of giving the Lord a chance to make a way.
Love, Lisa

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