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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Morgan's Grandmother's Update - Nov. 13th

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"Dear Family and Friends,

"Thank you for the amazing support, strength, love, kindness, and faith you have shown our family! We have felt the gift of your prayers and thoughts through this journey.

"Morgan struggled to stay with his family and friends with the tenacity he has shown his whole life! He had a 36 hour rest and then stormed for the next 50 hours, Team Morgan were unable to control the storms. His body could no longer stay with us. We are all very grateful for a gracious Heavenly Father, who relieved Morgan’s suffering and took him to a better home. He left this life Saturday, November 11, 2011 at 1:00 pm surrounded by his brother, mom, dad, Grandpa and Grandpa... and me (and the amazing Team Morgan).

"Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, November 16; followed by a graveside service Saturday, November 19 at the Ogden City Cemetery. Victor and Jenedy meet with the Funeral Director tomorrow to work out specific details. I will send an additional update with that information.

"I personally have been blessed by the love and kindness that have been given me. Thank you for enduring this journey electronically with me! Thank you for cheering me on! I have never felt like I was alone; even though I am far from my friends and family. Thank you for the encouragement and support!

"It was with a grateful heart that I was able to be with Morgan on his last night in his failing body; giving Victor and Jenedy seven hours of uninterrupted sleep before they were required to kiss their Victory Morgan goodbye until we see them again in the resurrection. I held and rocked him as he stormed, trying to bring comfort to his storming body. After several hours of rocking him, I was supported by angels in scrubs, who rubbed my back and worked with me to bring some comfort to Morgan. While it is very sad that I won’t be able to hunt for clues, read funny books, laugh with him, or see who could run the longest- I know that I will get to see Morgan again, and we will get to pick up where we left off – and we will talk about his hard days and be grateful that he was not trapped in that body any longer. I know heaven is real and that families can be together forever. This brings me great comfort.

"Thank you for your on-going support through this journey, I pray that you know that you have been a light through some very stormy and dark days in my life. We will miss our Victory Morgan, but know that he was saying, “NO MORE STORMING!!”*.

[Morgan's grandmother]

*This summer Victor moved his family to Ensenada, Mexico to be with him during an internship at the University Baja California (and a whole string of Spanish words). During the drive and the first few days in Mexico, Morgan would walk around saying, “NO MORE MEXICO! NO MORE MEXICO! NO MORE MEXICO!...” After staying there for 10 weeks he was not happy to leave his first friend."

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Janiece said...

he truly was an amazing little boy.

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