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Friday, November 4, 2011

Morgan's Grandmother's Update - Nov. 4th

"We truly cannot begin to express the love we feel from all of you who support us! From the wonderful friends who bring food to us, who write such loving and tender expressions of faith, love and support, who run errands and help in any way possible. We truly feel you prayers and thoughts offered in our behalf. There just are not adequately ways to express our love to you.

"Morgan was quiet most of the day. His heart rate and his blood pressure continue to decrease. We are grateful for the gift of peace at this time. Today True would go over to Morgan’s bed and give it a ‘head hug’ and want up. This morning he climbed up next to Morgan and held his hand, later this afternoon he took a nap with Morgan. (By the way – small stuffed animals have been a great help in positioning Morgan’s equipment and body. In the picture the giraffe is holding the oxygen mask in place and preventing further sores.)

"This is a link to a song by Hilary Weeks that someone shared with Jenedy this week. We certainly have a mountain in our way.

"We continue to have faith that we will see Morgan again, healthy and happy; if not in this life, in the next."

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