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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Morgan's Grandmother's Update - Wednesday

For past updates on Victory Morgan, please go here.

"Morgan made the move to hospice on Tuesday afternoon....The staff here is supportive; helping us learn how to keep Morgan comfortable. The best part is we are able to take Morgan outside on a veranda/covered patio. Even when he was little, he would just relax when he was outside. He seems to be content here. Currently, we have a whole wing. We have a kitchenette, a family room (with a BIG screen TV), and an extra bedroom; best of all a private bathroom.
"Morgan got a visit from a real pony today! The volunteer brings the pony onto the veranda, and the pony nuzzled Morgan. The staff tries to make these last few days with Morgan memorable. They too believe in miracles! We certainly need one.

"The new Team Morgan has begun reducing the amount of medications slowly to see if the storms return. He did have a few mild storms today, less than 10 minutes, that we were able to help him calm. Today Morgan swatted at the suction hose, this is the first time he has responded physically to any outside stimulations in an appropriate manner. This morning it looked like his kidney functions had slowed and there was blood and sediment in his urine; but by this afternoon everything was back to normal. He has been coughing more and needing suctioning less and he is showing signs of being able to swallow. Now is the delicate balancing act of removing the meds and still control the storms or the meds hasten the shutting down of his organs. We continue to be blessed with small miracles every day. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.

"Victor and Jenedy are hoping that they will be able to spend two nights a week at home. [Morgan's maternal grandmother] and I trade off so they can try to give BT some ‘normal family time’. Jenedy goes home to fix dinner with BT and they have a night in their own beds. Other nights BT and I have a sleep over.
"At 8:00 pm tonight I wondered what I did all day, how can a three year old keep you so busy that you don’t notice the day has passed when he asleep in a bed? ­
"Thank you again for all of your support!"

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