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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Morgan's Grandmother's Update - Nov. 5th

"Thank you for your messages of support and love. Thank you for sharing this struggle with us, we are so glad we are not alone.

"Today [Morgan's doctor] adjusted and changed some of Morgan’s medications. His respiration rate dropped to three breaths per minute at midnight; they reduced the morphine to compensate. He stormed today for about four hours. Tonight Morgan is resting comfortably, but his respiration rate has dropped again; Team Morgan will monitor him through the night. We are hoping to find that balance of medications so he can rest with a good heart rate and no storming. (Side note: This summer when Victor and his family first moved to Ensenada, Mexico, Morgan went around saying, “No more Mexico, no more Mexico!” Now I want to say, “No more storming, no more storming!”)

"He is completely off the seizure medications. They substituted valium for Ativan; to see if that helps him relax. [The doctor] spent the day sitting by Morgan’s bed as she adjusted his medications. I am so impressed with her dedication to Morgan and all those who are praying for him.[The doctor]  wants to give Morgan every chance to be healed. She held his hand and comforted him through his rough afternoon. (She could have been quilting! That is true dedication!!!)

"Jenedy took Victor shopping for his birthday and bought him new running shoes and sunglasses. We will celebrate his birthday tomorrow afternoon. What he really wants for his birthday is Morgan healthy. We all pray that he can have his birthday wish.

"We still believe in miracles! Morgan lived another day – and that is a miracle."

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Janiece said...

whew...touching update.
Praying for no more Storming Morgan.

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