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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Picking Up a Missionary: The Church's Stance

Back in December, my husband and I flew out to the Philippines to pick our daughter up at the end of her missionary service. I've had a number of people ask about our trip--planning and other details, so I am finally sitting down to write down the specifics. I hope this will help others who plan to do similar things. I will share our experience in very small baby steps.

I recall hearing many years ago that Church leadership frowns on such things, and this is still the case. It is not easily found, but from what I learned (after all of our plans were made), specifics along these lines can be found in the Mission President's handbook:

The first step in planning to get your missionary is to seek out the Mission President's approval.

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cryptoref said...

We've had a mix with our missionaries. Yes we are going to pickup Alina from Australia :) Didn't go to pickup our missionary from Vegas, just didn't want to go there. Mission President in Arizona said do not come we are sending him home. Mission President in Bulgaria said breakfast starts at 9 and we will then hold meeting about the mission at 10 and you will be leaving around 12. Indiana said come on by and enjoy him. Alaska was too darn cold when he was released so we went back the next summer.

Overall i would say try and go as the moments with the missionary are so sweet. Especially when you visit one of their special families. We visited one family in Bulgaria that had some fruit juice and chips that they bought especially for us. They so loved our missionary they wanted to do something special for us.

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