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Monday, November 21, 2011

Swedish Meatballs Madhouse Style

#6 LOVES Swedish Meatballs.  I mean, if you ask him where his favorite place in the world is, he'll tell you Ikea "because they have Swedish meatballs."

As I'm pondering this, I realize that I don't have a set recipe I use.  If I want to do this in the future, I'd better jot it down here, so I can keep from reinventing this same old wheel again.  Here's what I do....

With your hands, mix together ground beef and one package of dry onion soup mix.  Form them into balls and put them in a frying pan.  Cook them until they're evenly brown on all around.

Remove the meatballs and put a couple cans of cream of whatever soup--chicken, mushroom, or something like that (You could probably also make a cream sauce of equal parts butter and flour.  Pour in beef broth gradually until it's a gravy consistency)--stir it all around in the pan.  Add some sour cream and some salt and pepper to taste.

Put the meatballs back in and stir them around.

We like to serve it over mashed potatoes, but you can serve it with rice or pasta too.

Super easy.

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