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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 9- Something You're Proud of in the Past Few Days

I finished the reading assignments for personal finance today.

I taught #3 how to make bread bowls and soup (from scratch) today.

My house has been looking pretty darned good.

I got all of #1's birthday shopping done in a few hours, and I stayed within budget.

Oh, and #3 and I got to work on her missionary project today and matched 50 missionaries with people to write them.  That was fun!

There...it said "something," but I had to put a few things.  Every so often, especially when you're having kind of a down time, you have to take a look back and pat yourself on the back a little bit.  Way to go, me.  Plus, I figure if I'm going to have as many short-term goals as I jotted down yesterday, I'd better have a few atta girls to go along with it, right?

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