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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 7- A Picture of Someone/Something that has the Biggest Impact on You.

Okay, so how about three pictures.

The Warden is that someone--FER SHUR!

Let's just think back into this past summer alone.  I ran off to Spokane AND Japan (yep.  That's a poem in the making) and he didn't even bat an eye.  He was at a retreat during part of the Spokane trip, but not only did he watch all the kids during the time we were in Japan, he supported me in the cookbook endeavor and even sold a few himself, he drove us to the airport, and now helps us out as we share the story with others--I call him the A.V. guy; though I have yet to see the A.V. card he says he carries around with him--Does anyone else remember that kind of thing from elementary school?  Man, I thought I was big stuff when I earned my A.V. card.

The Warden is not a complainer.  He's amazing!  I really don't know if I've ever met a man like him.  I feel TOTALLY blessed to have him.  He is a HUGE reason as to why life goes as smoothly as it does.

I scanned a bunch of photos of #1 today.  That's where two of these photos originate from.  There were so many evidences of what a great dad he is.  There's one photo that I have yet to scan that shows him showing her (she was super tiny) how to do something.  The photo right after it was #1 doing it herself.  He's the kind of guy who expects a lot, but teaches so that we're all successful at whatever is expected.

Once I get that photo scanned, I'll share it here, so you can see what a sweet thing it was.


Out of curiosity, I just went back to read over last year's post on this same topic.  I thought for sure I'd written about my mom.  If you're curious, go here.

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vaxhacker said...

The Warden is indeed a great guy. Being a card-carrying AV nerd in elementary school myself, I can't complain about that either. :)

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