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Friday, November 18, 2011

Making These Tonight

I have the opportunity to make a dinner for Morgan's grandparents for when they arrive home.  Here's what I'm making--my very FAVORITE soup.  (It's also in the cookbook--bottom of page 12).  I recommend following the cookbook way.  The crockpot is just difficult with the milk base to this soup.  It worked for me a few times, but I've failed a couple times too.

The other thing I'm making tonight is for a brunch I get to go to tomorrow to honor a wonderful former missionary who served in our ward.  My kids don't know it yet, but she's staying at our house tonight.  I'm SO excited to see her!  This recipe is in the cookbook as well--page 87 and page 79 for the icing.  For this one, I'm following the online recipe.  I prefer making the dough for these in my bread machine.

Just thought I'd share here for those who haven't seen these recipes yet.  They're just so autumn-esque.

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