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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cookies wiff Kaffrin

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In all the time I can remember, I don't think I've ever welcomed a Tuesday morning like this morning.

So happy to have a moment to slow down and make cookies with the girls. Only this morning, we're not doing cookies. I have a couple of bananas that are BEGGING to be made into something else, so we're making this recipe.

I've made myself a hot chocolate to sip away at (the hot chocolate from the dry pack cannery is TO DIE FOR, but make it with milk.  WOW!).

Went to the library last night and laid out the rest of the final project for personal finance.  Ends up it'll be more than 100 pages long when all is said and done. PHEW!  Can you see why I'm so happy for a moment to slow down?

Kaffrin brought #7 the CUTEST pair of gloves and socks this morning.  I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get #7 to take those gloves off to make bread this morning.  Kaffrin's grandmother put the trim around the socks and gloves and sells them at bazaars and things.  They're darling!  Complete with jingle bells on the gloves. So CUTE! 

Speaking of Kaffrin, I called my dad last night to help me with part of my project.  He told me the most amazing story--a miracle that happened in our family while my younger brother and I were on our missions.  As part of that story, he brought up a very familiar name.  I'd never heard him talk about this person before.  He shared a story about that man's dad too.

I clarified who he was talking about and sh#7ared with him that that man's granddaughter'd be coming over to play with #7 and make cookies today.

How cool is that?!  My dad was friends with not only Kaffrin's grandfather, but her gread grandfather too.  Transgenerational friendships!  Wonderful!!!  I had no idea.

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