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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Morgan's Funeral - His Dad's Words

From the Eggleston's friend, Jennifer:

"I loved what Victor had to say today...
"In summary, here were a few of his thoughts ...

"Morgan gave the best hugs. Always laughing and smiling. He loved the beach. Morgan loved hamburgers too and would sometimes ask, 'How about a “hanger” dad?' When Morgan wanted you to pick him up he would say 'Hold you?'

Image credit:  Morgan's mom
"...I’m going to miss him a lot.

"In honor of Morgan, three main thoughts have come to mind. First, faith. My faith has been strengthened.

"Second, love. The service provided by so many has shown me what love is. This experience has brought me closer to my wife. I’ve come to understand the love our Heavenly Father has for us. Watching my first born son suffer and die makes me more aware of how much our Father in Heaven loves us and how much he wants for us.

"Third, understanding what Heaven might be like...

"What motivation do we have to attain heaven? Thinking about the writings from CS Lewis 'Most people, if they have really learned to look into their own hearts, would know that they do want, and want acutely, something that can not be had in this world.'

"When I’ve thought about having Morgan back, I’ve felt in my heart that I’ve had a glimpse into heaven. There’s nothing like experiencing the antitheses of heaven that makes you want it more.

"Sometimes I wonder if Morgan had died on some incredible journey that maybe his death would have been more justified, perhaps like those early pioneers who crossed the plains to settle in the west. I’ve always been amazed at how many people gave their lives so we could have a better life. But I realize we don’t have wagons or handcarts, regardless we are all on a journey. I know this experience has touched and had an impact on many people and brought my family closer together and closer to God. It’s my hope that it will do the same for you and many other people."

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