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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh Yah! Who's Good?!

I could tell yesterday that my kitchen sink was having a problem.  Today, it became a full-blown problem.  You know, day before Thanksgiving....that's when it's supposed to happen, right?

Well, I have a friend coming over to make pumpkin pies today.  Actually, Kaffrin and her mom are coming over in a bit, so timing on this sink thing stinks. 

My kitchen sink has two sides--a little side on the left and a big sink on the right.  It was the little sink (with the disposal) that was clogged first.  The disposal just wasn't cutting it.

I used a cup and scooped the water out of the little sink into the big sink.  Once it was empty, I took my big, huge, hurkin', 12 pound Costco-sized bag of baking soda and poured about a cup of it as far down into the sink (and distributed around) as much as was possible.  I then took my big ol' gallon of white vinegar and poured it on top.  Before I poured in the vinegar, I gathered #6 to the site, so he could watch the fun.  I actually poured the vinegar in three or four times.  A couple times it came up like a geyser.  Fun stuff.

I boiled some water in the microwave and after the concoction in the sink had bubbled and boiled for awhile, I poured the hot water down and turned on the disposal.  It churned for a long time.  I could hear things working in the pipes.  Finally, the clog gave way with a "pop."

Next thing I  knew, though, the big sink had the clog.  I went to work again.  This time, we used the turkey baster and #6 emptied the water out.  He poured in the baking soda and I poured in the vinegar.  It bubbled for a long time.  I poured in the water, but it wasn't ready to give way yet, so I used one stopper and stopped up the little sink while I used another stopper as a plunger on the big sink.  Suddenly it gave way, and I'm feeling oh so smug with my new skills.

Mission accomplished with no crack exposed in my kitchen. 

Wow!  Sink declogging and sarcasm--two free services I offer.  My skill set grows almost everyday.


Jef Hatch said...


One common mistake with a disposal that we found out the hard way, is that you have to run the water for a minute or so after you use the disposal every time. We ended up with 5 or 6 plugs of varying degrees before our plumber told us we weren't running the water long enough to get the disposal stuff to the street and it was building blockage. Just something to think about to avoid future clogs. :-)

Julie said...

Jef!!! I hadn't seen a comment from you in a LONG time. I'd wondered what had happened to you. I always enjoy reading your comments because I always learn something. Thanks for the pointer here. It's true....We don't run it long enough. We didn't know this little bit of wisdom. Thanks for sharing it!

Danny said...

Good tip! (Also testing posting a comment using my Google account)

Jef said...


I'm constantly reading, just don't always comment. Actually, I had problems commenting on the giveaway post. Don't know why it wouldn't let me comment, but oh well... It's good to keep up with you and your family through your blogs.


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