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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So, did you see my guest blogger post?

We were supposed to have scones for Family Home Evening refreshments last night, but time got away, and I didn't have time to make them, so they became part of breakfast this morning.

As I was making them, #4 chimed in with, "Mom, there's a recipe you can put on your blog!"

I said, "But, they're so easy.  Why don't you tell people how to make them.  You can be my guest blogger." 

So, there you have it.  I just thought it was super fun to watch him sit and write a post.  I may have to do this more in the future.

Just a recent picture of our crew.
I encouraged #1 to start a blog today.  She's had a blog in the past and does a tumblr thing too, but this one is a blog specifically written for #7.  I asked her to give a little piece of advice to her each day so that when she's a teenager, she'll have that link with her oldest sister.

I wasn't home when she started it, but I returned to find that #1 had gone at it enthusiastically.  It's entitled "Stay Beautiful," which makes me want to cry, but to take that one step further, the address is with-love-from-q.blogspot.com.  Wow!  How sweet!

In my home, growing up, I was the little sister who didn't know the older sister (who had left for college four months after I was born) and grew up amongst the hooligan brothers.  I think, at times, as I sat and cried at the end of my dresser and begged God for a sister, I would have given my right arm for something like this.

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