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Monday, November 7, 2011

New Baby

Ha!  I knew that title'd get your attention.

So first, do you like my new header?  I did it myself.  I think it turned out really fun.  It wasn't what I was expecting to do, but I think it's so fun, I decided not to change it.  Supposedly there are 192 photos in it.

Now back to the point at hand....

No.  We don't have a new baby at our house, and actually as I got to looking at #7 this morning, I realized that my baby days are over.  She's so big, and I swear she's grown at least three inches in the past week or two.  Ugh!

As I looked at her, I got to thinking about a few things that helped out when we did have a new baby, and I thought I'd take a minute and share them here for anyone who might be heading that direction.  If so, CONGRATULATIONS!!!  No, I'm not jealous because I figure I'll hopefully have grandchildren within ten years or so, so it's all good.  But, I'm VERY happy for you!

One thing I remember was feeling tied to the couch a lot during the breastfeeding months--especially the first couple.  The thing we did here to keep things a bit simpler was to put together a basket with basic supplies--diapers, wipes, burp rag....I even remember putting the remote to the TV and a couple books in it.  Each night, I'd restock the things that would run out--diapers and such.  Just make sure the basket has a handle, or it gets a bit rough to pick up with a baby in the other arm.

When the baby got hungry, I'd simply grab the basket and the baby and go.  It made things so much easier.

With my second baby, I had the added challenge of keeping my older child busy and out of trouble while I was feeding her brother.  Funny how she'd never been a challenge until he came along.  She found that the insides of the kitchen cupboards were fascinating--no joke.

So, here's what I eventually did for her, but more so when younger siblings came along....

There were a couple times when I delegated this to my mother-by-marriage, and she did it as a baby gift to us.

For the older siblings, when a baby was born into our family, I would put together a box for each of them.  In the box, would go things that were age-appropriate for each child.  These were things they could play with--coloring books and crayons, blocks, little toys--while I was feeding the baby.  When I was done, the toys would go back into the box and back up onto a high shelf until the next time the baby needed to eat.  Putting the box away each time made it a special thing.  These boxes were also awarded to the children by "the baby" at the hospital.

When child #4 came along, though, we did something different.  Actually, we did this with child #3 also, but when child #4 came along, my mother-by-marriage did it, and it was fabulous!  She went way above and beyond.

She purchased a baby doll for each child.  Since we were having a boy, she bought "boy" baby dolls--if you get my drift.  She had a diaper bag for each complete with diaper, burp cloth, receiving blanket, change of clothes, a bottle, and a baby carrier (front pack type).  The kids were totally decked out.

When I was doing any of these things for the real baby, they could do the same for theirs.  These babies didn't disappear to a top shelf, they were theirs to take care of at all times.  I caught some flack about giving my oldest son a doll, but I figured being a good dad has to start some time.  Why not at 4-years-old?

These things made life with a new baby fun for everyone.  Nobody felt left out because there was always something for them to do.  I hope this helps.


Tonya said...

Oh yay! I found your newest blog and I'm all hooked up and your officially on my sidebar. So, life is good and hopefully this makes me officially cool:)

Julie said...

Aw thanks Tonya! You passed up "officially cool" a LONG time ago. You're certifiably cool, girl.

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