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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Morgan's Funeral Service - from Morgan's Grandfather

I wrote to Morgan's grandfather. Here's his reply this afternoon:

"We are doing ok. Victor and Jenedy , and Bishop and Stake Pres spoke. Jenedy's father ... gave opening prayer, I gave closing prayer. Jenedy's mother gave family prayer before casket was rolled into chapel. I did ok until closing song "Behold A Royal Army", then when the part 'Victory.....'. Brought tears to me briefly. Then I gave closing prayer."

For those of you who aren't familiar with it,here are the words to that hymn:

Behold! a royal army,
With banner, sword and shield,
Are marching forth to conquer,
On life’s great battlefield;
Its ranks are filled with soldiers,
United, bold and strong,
Who followed their Commander,
And sing their joyful song.

Victory, victory,
Through Him that redeemed us!
Victory, victory,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord!
Victory, victory, victory,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord!

And now the foe, advancing,
That valiant host assails,
And yet they never falter,
Their courage never fails;
Their Leader calls, “Be faithful!”
They pass the word along,
They see His signal flashing,
And shout the joyful song.


Oh, when the war is ended,
When strife and conflict cease,
When all are safely gathered
Within the vale of peace,
Before the King eternal,
That vast and mighty throng
Shall praise His Name forever,
And this shall be their song.


So grateful to know that life continues on after this one.  Glad to know that Morgan is victorious.  Grateful to a Savior that makes this possible and loves us all.

Also from his grandfather:
"Many thanks to all who have prayed for Morgan and continue to pray for his family and those who have given so much time and effort on behalf of Morgan.

"We will be off to Utah for the burial in the Ogden City Cemetary on Saturday @ 11:00."

Balloons set off at Morgan's funeral.   (Courtesy of Jamie and Stephanie Robertson)

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