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Friday, November 11, 2011

Morgan's Grandmother's Update - Nov. 11th

Before you read this post, I have to state how much I love these people!  Every time she writes, her comments overflow with gratitude.  What an amazing woman!

"The last couple of days have been a roller-coaster ride, the big scary kind! By Wednesday evening Morgan’s vitals were very low, he struggled to keep breathing. Morgan’s Team were sure that he would die any moment. Morgan is an amazing fighter.

"Thursday morning, he did not look much better.  Jenedy decided that Morgan needed a shower; it had been six and a half weeks since he had been in the shower. It was a task that took a mom, a grandma, a doctor, three nurses, one aide, and a volunteer. We gave him the whole spa treatment! The medical staff did not think he would make it through the whole process. Through the day Morgan made several slight improvements; the Team is reducing medications and there was no storming from 5:30 am Tuesday until this morning (Friday) at 3:30 am. He is just beginning to calm down. The storms are so hard on his body. It is difficult to watch, so the Team is increasing the medications to try to again get control the storms.

"Victor is in Tempe today interviewing with US Airways. He is also interviewing with Dole in Monterey, CA. (The mom in me hopes he chooses Dole, but for the selfish reason that he will only be 12 hours away.) We are so grateful for the these opportunities. He has been working hard at school; his team comes to the hospice to work on their projects. We are really grateful!

"Thank you for your continued prayers. Thank you to the City of Tualatin, for allowing me the time off to spend with my grandsons, son and daughter. Thank you to the folks at home who feed and take care of [my husband]. Thank you for the blessings you have given our family!"

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