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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 19- Nicknames I Have, and Why I Have Them

Not much more to say on this one than was said last year, so I'd better come up with something new....

Hmm....let's see.  I was originally going to do my favorite photo for day 13, but I messed that up, so that's what I'll do for today.  Here, my friends, is my favorite photo....

His face says a thousand words.

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Patrick and Paige said...

Your nickname post wouldnt let me post a comment so I am posting here. First of all, I love this picture of T and L!!! Priceless!!!
Second, as you know, I am the youngest of 7. Nicknames and "pet names" just come with the territory! I have too many nick names to remember. I totally know how you feel.
Casey had always called me ,poopsie.
Heather has always calle me nipper or niip.
My mom has always called me queenie.
My dad calls me Bunky.
My best friend always called me paigerific.
Andy calls me little Pagina.
Ashley calls me paigerooskie.
I am known as "the little Saster"
My high school friend's called me Sparky.
Lyndee Daley calls me Turner (as in page turner)
My friend Amanda calls me paigie poo,
Patrick calls me Bumblebee.
I was frequently referred to as "the Gypsy" because I would constantly hop from bed to bed and would end up in a different siblings bed every night;)
So there you go, you aren't the only one with nicknames...lol

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