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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 4- A Habit I Wish I Didn't Have

I still have the habit I wrote about last year.  I still wish I didn't have it.  Certain times are worse than others.  Right now is a really bad time.  I know I just need to catch myself when I'm doing it and make myself stop, so that's what I'm focusing on right now--just simply stopping myself.

The habit I wish I didn't have for this year I'm not even sure you can call a habit.

I wish I didn't stay up so late at night.  I have what one might call "Just One More Thing" syndrome.  I'll get to bed as soon as I finish this "one more thing."  Of course one more thing leads to yet another one more thing until it's late.

My ideal bedtime is 9:30pm.  I'm a morning person, and my body wakes up at some point between 5 and 6am daily.  I'm at my best during the early hours of the day.

Let's face it, I'm just stubborn.

This is a habit I want to break.  It's just a matter of doing it, and sometimes that's the hardest part.

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