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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Touch of Class

One thing's for certain, since following Morgan's journey, I have been impressed by his mother over and over again.  What a woman of strength!

As you know, I know Morgan's dad's family.  I didn't know anything about Jenedy, only that she's an artist.  Boy, did Victor do a good job finding her!  I think every mother hopes that her son will end up with such a woman as she is.

In this photo...

...you can see Jenedy standing in the front to the far right wearing white.

Yes, that's what I said, "white."

Tradition says that we wear black to funerals.  Why?

As I did the dishes this morning, I got to pondering on the significance of the wearing of white to a funeral, and to me, this makes SO MUCH more sense considering what we L.D.S. people believe.

He is not gone forever.  He has moved on, and someday, she will too, and she will be with him again.

Yes, I LOVE that his mother wore white!  What a symbol of hope.

This reminded me of something else that we L.D.S. people do, and I've ranted about it before.  We sing a song that was sung by the pioneers:  "Come, Come Ye Saints."  Without fail, for the last verse, the tempo slows, and we sing it as a dirge (a song of death and despair).  Let me share these words for you...

"And should we die before our journey's through.  Happy day.  All is well....."

Shouldn't this be sung more upbeat than the rest?  What do we really believe?  "Happy day!"

I'm sorry to go on this here and now.  It just bugs me.  If we really mean it, then shouldn't we sing it as we mean it?  This life is NOT the end.

Thank you, Jenedy, for that reminder!

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