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Friday, November 25, 2011

It's Killing Me!

Another day spent on personal finance.  Ugh!  It's really one thing that's hanging me up.  It just happens to be the second portion of the project.  It's a simple graph.  I have to input data.  It's not hard just super time consuming.

I've worked on this ALL day.  I woke at 5a.m. and was determined to finish at least this part of the project before the kids got up.  Here it is 7:15pm, and I've just now finished it.  UGH!!!

I kept coming up with "N/A" for one of the financial ratios I needed to report on.  I finally figured out that because I had reconfigured a couple things on the spreadsheet when I first started the class, I had thrown off the equations on the other sheets.  After I figured that out, I realized that I had to go back and redo the spreadsheet altogether.

As soon as that was done, I had to go redo three others.  They are now done, and I still have an "N/A" in that  one ratio, but now it all makes sense.  It comes up as "N/A" because I have no credit card debt.  The number is being divided by zero and thus coming up "N/A."

Can you now see why I'll be so glad when school is over?  I'm really fearful I'm going to fail this class and thus not be able to graduate.  I saved this class to the end because it was an elective.  Yes, I chose to take this loverly course.  I thought it would be a breeze...a walk in the park...a piece of cake.  Boy, was I wrong!  I might even venture to say that this class is harder for me than statistics.

I know...wah. Wah.  WAH!  Go ahead and say it, I know you want to:  "Quit your crying, and get to work." 

Okay, I'm done whining now.  I'll get back to this fun project.  Someday I'll have a normal life again.  Right?

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