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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What Life Looks Like

Someday I'm going to look back at this and wonder how it all happened.  In short, life is crazy.  It feels like the inside of a watch with all the cogs fitting together just right to make things move along.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was having a down day.  Part of what I have to do is very reliant on other people contributing, and it's tough because of course you can't control what other people do or don't do.

I was so wound up yesterday that I couldn't figure out just which cog wasn't fitting.  I decided to go another route.  The first attempt failed, which just wound me up further, so I tried again.

It was funny how as things failed, I got more quiet.  I absorbed the failure.  I could feel it in my stomach.  The only thing I could do was try to find a way to solve it.  I tried everything I could think of to get on top of it.

This time, it worked out, and it ended up that it not only worked once, it worked twice.  PHEW!  After it was solved, I was almost giddy.  Suddenly all the overly wound feeling disappeared.  What a relief!

I found that I can copy and paste my schedule here.  This is what it looks like to the end of the year.  The one thing I haven't included is the need to sign up for the capstone course.  That will happen after the finals are over.

Finance Careers AMI
1 Th Study Lesson 13

2 F Study Lesson 12 Inquire for mentor
3 Sa Print, set in notebook/Study Lesson 1 Read pp. 8-64; watch DVD; Answer online ?s
4 Su

Create schedule
5 M 3-hole punch Andy's stuff/ print table of contents/Send/Study Lesson 2 Personal Skills paper; Job choice paper + mentor paper Contact Rachael re. photos/Contact treasurer for current dues letter
6 Tu Study Lesson 3 Read pp. 65-111; watch DVD; answer online ?s Biography/Contact Brad and Kendall
7 W Study Lesson 4 Networking contacts; Job search strategies; submit Edit philosophy
8 Th Study Lessons 1-4 Read pp. 112-161, 174-176, 200-213; watch DVD; answer online ?s Finish/edit impacted
9 F Study Lesson 5/order final Cover Letter, Thank you letter Write husband
10 Sa Study Lesson 6 References; Resume; JIST card Edit husband
11 Su

Compile letters of recommendation
12 M Study Lesson 7 Read pp. 162-199, 214-225; watch DVD; answer online ?s Spend 15 mins. on activities
13 Tu Study Lesson 8 Mock professional interview; success paper; order final Spend 15 mins. on activities
14 W Study Lesson 9
Spend 15 mins. on activities
15 Th Study Lessons 5-9
Spend 15 mins. on activities
16 F Study Lesson 10
Spend 15 mins. on activities
17 Sa Study Lesson 11
Edit activities
18 Su

Have B/A write letters
19 M Study Lessons 1-7
How children are achieving - Q
20 Tu Study Lessons 8-13
How children are achieving - G/get folder
21 W Study all lessons
How children are achieving - DJ
22 Th Take Final Take Final How children are achieving - B/A
23 F

How children are achieving - T/L
24 Sa

Edit achieving
25 Su

26 M

27 Tu

28 W

29 Th

30 F

31 Sa

Among all of this, I have Christmas shopping to finish, and I'm determined to do Christmas cards this year, but they're going to be super simple.

I have, however given myself something to look forward to....

Starting this afternoon, I get to introduce #5 to Harry Potter. We're going to start reading The Sorcerer's Stone today. We'll work through one chapter a day until we're through the entire series. It'll take forever, but I'm so excited! He reads everyday by himself, but I miss reading to him, so on the way to school this morning, this is what we discussed.

Can't figure out how to get rid of all of this empty space. 

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