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Thursday, December 1, 2011

What is Going On?

Wow!  Craziness!

Our dog got sick the other day.  We finally figured out that because of a leaky pipe under our kitchen sink and thus, having to move our garbage and recycling bins out from under there, she'd gotten a hold of a bone.  Nothing looked disturbed when I took the garbage out the other day, so she's got some ninja-like skills, but that's got to be what it was.  Poor pup.  She was looking pretty puny last night when a good friend called with the help we needed.

We started feeding her chicken and rice--about 1/4 C. a few times starting last night.  She's been penned in the kitchen, but we found her at 4 this morning outside our bedroom.  She'd escaped, and she was feeling perky.  Much changed from how she had been at 8pm--nose down in the blanket peeking up through her sad puppy dog eyes.

She hasn't thrown up (knock on wood) since about 5:00 last evening.  We're hopeful that that's how things'll stay.

#5 woke up sick, I woke up sick, and #3 is in the process of being picked up from school by the Warden as I write.  CRAZY!  #5 seems to be much improved, though, and I, after having something to eat, can now do more than just sleep; although, I'm definitely taking it easy.

Our sickness aside, there just seems to be a strange epidemic of young people passing away right now.  In the last three days I've heard of three people, that we are somehow connected to, dying.  I have other friends with serious illnesses. 

Such hard times.  So many to pray for.

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