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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Committing a Crime

"It's not crime.  It's just being...well...selfish," she says.

"Well, what do you think crime is?"  I respond.

Yes, I have a partner in crime, and we...well...we commit crime together.

I have to be careful telling you about this, but it's so HILARIOUS that I just have to let it out.  I would really be a terrible criminal, wouldn't I?

Okay, so the other day, a friend of mine posted the most AMAZING looking dessert on Facebook.  Wait a sec.  Let me see if I can download the photo from her page, so you can drool over it like I did.  Okay.  SUCCESS!!!  Here it is.  Please cover your keyboard to protect it from any liquid that may drip from your chin....

Well, I commented on her photo about how I was drooling over it.  She responded and said that if some whipping cream and cream cheese were to show up on her doorstep in the next little while, she'd make it for us.  WOAH!  It just so happens that those two ingredients were sitting there innocently waiting in my fridge.  YAH BABY!

I took them to her, and the next morning, there was this delicious thing delivered to my house.  Yes, that's right...DELIVERED by her two sweet kids, I might add.

Well, when it arrived, #7 was upstairs asleep, #3 was off with friends at the mall, and the boys were all out doing Scouting for Food.  It was just #1 and me.  DANGEROUS!  Yes, #1 is my partner in crime.  You know that story about flipping the old lady off and my mom?  Well, I guess you could say that there were a few times when I was my mom's partner in crime as well.  Every mom needs one.

Well, do you think we could just put all that deliciousness in the fridge and wait for who knows how many  hours to dive in?  You're right.  No WAY!

#1 went and got the forks, and we were off.  It's every bit as good as it looks.  No joke!  It's also very rich, so we ate a bit and put it in the garage fridge to await our return.  The thief always returns, right?  Well, yah, we did--I mean over and over.


Kendi said...

This was such a fun post! Love the dessert pic! (I've really been into food blogs...I love baking/cooking/making food...that I can eat :) ).
#1 has grown up so pretty and I love hearing about your relationship with her!
Hey...did you refer to an Advent Calendar that wasn't about fighting over the chocolate candy inside each day...but an activity. I thought I got it from your blog...but can't find it. Yes...I know it's the 5th..and I'm so late!...but I really liked that one!
Thanks for your great words!!


Julie said...

Hey Kendi! Here's the link to that post you're referring to: http://jhessesmadhouse.blogspot.com/2011/11/some-things-to-share.html

Did you ever get the email I sent you?

Great hearing from you!!!

Kendi said...

Yes..so sorry! It's taken me till today to get it to you...I just now sent it..was working on it between (life) all weekend...silly, huh? This is why I don't blog...but love to read others':).

I'm a writer filled with self doubt about my writing (oooooh! cant write that...they'll take that wrong..start over!) so it takes me forever to get anything finished....and both of my kids have some special needs... more on that later (I'm starting to wonder if it's not them, but me?!!)...and my husband works from home...no one but me wants 'independent play' - code for "I have zero time to myself":)

Thanks so much for the link! Yay!


Blythe said...

Pssst....Might there be a recipe or a name for this delicious crime? =)

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