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Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 29- In this Past Month, What I Have Learned

I have learned:

to worry more about how you feel about others than how they feel about you.  You can control your feelings and what you do, but you can't control their feelings or what they do.

more about budgeting and feel like we're really getting on top of our finances.

that you can't ask your kids to do something you're not doing, and you can't ask your kids to not do something you are doing.  (This wasn't really something I learned but something I had reconfirmed).

how to cook with dehydrated refried beans.

that I can do hard things.

that reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday keeps me even.  When I'm down, it makes me happy.  It creates a foundation, so I'm "driven on the waves and tossed."

a lot about what I want to do for a job in the future and how to get a job once I want or need one.

to act on any generous impulse I might have.

I think what would be interesting would be to answer this question here in a few months--after school is over.  I wonder what the contrast will be like between the student life and the non-student life.

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