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Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 25- What You Would find in My Bag

I just cleaned it out this morning--not because I knew I was going to be answering this question because I didn't until just about 30 seconds ago, but because I had so many receipts and little papers and a package of purse tissues that somebody turned inside out during church yesterday that were floating around that I HAD to clean it out.

Now, I have my little black notebook with the cute Japanese flowers (from my friend, Christine), my billfold, my cash holder thingy, an untouched package of purse tissues, church keys, car keys, a small set of scriptures (that I got for Mother's Day years and years ago for this very purpose--to fit in my purse) and a couple of random cards that I found in the laundry room that I was too lazy (or was that busy) to put in my wallet while I was making lunch after I got the laundry switched out upstairs.

Nothing too exciting.  If I were to be on "Let's Make a Deal," I'd never get to be a contestant.  Sorry, no pipe wrenches or spools of thread.  Not even a receipt or an inside out package of purse tissues.  Pathetic.

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