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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


In these past few weeks, I've received some "spam" comments on this blog. I'm not quite sure how to respond to them. The grammar runs from eh to atrocious, and they are all from "anonymous." I have chosen not to post them; though, they are all, so far, very complimentary.

The most recent one, which I received yesterday, said something about finding me on Google, but I was hard to find, and it was a shame I wasn't getting more comments. He shared a site that I could link up to and I would get 1000 hits a day.

This made me sit back and think...Why? Why would I want 1000 hits a day?

I've had the rocky road of criticism--the day of my most hits was the day I was raked over the coals for what I'd written. To be honest, I don't think that will ever leave me.

So, WHY would I want more readers? I like the ones I have, thank you.

No, really, THANK YOU! I thank you who read my blitherings--my sadnesses, my happiness. Thank you for commenting when you've had good things to say and thank you for just rolling your eyes and walking away when I've said something stupid.

I feel like I've met some of the best this world has to offer through the readership of this blog. I can't thank you enough for being so wonderful and for the words of encouragement when I've needed them.

I'm having a tough day today. Toughest I've had in awhile. Just feeling overwhelmed, but I've learned from experience that one sure way of getting out of the blues is in looking for the sunshine behind the clouds.

Thank you for being that sunshine! Thank you for allowing me to cast my pearls without fear of swine.


Alyson said...

So many bloggers try to make their blogs into a job, into a moneymaking venture. That's probably why he assumes you want more readers. I agree with you—I don't want people to find me randomly, I'm just sharing a tiny slice of life with a few select people.

Lynda said...

I get the "Anonymous" comments all the time. Most of them are spam trying to get you to click on a link to infect your computer. I ignore ALL anonymous comments because I feel if they wanted to share something important with me they would tell me who they are.

Just my opinion, and a warning, my friend.

(I especially love the commenter who tells me, "found you through Google, but it was hard." Obviously not that hard for them to leave a lame comment.lol)

vaxhacker said...

What Lynda said. May be harmless, but a LOT of malware gets spread this way. Or sales scams to sell you website hits, or whatever.

Sorry you're having a bad day, too. (*hugs*)

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