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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Favorite Things of 2011

I was sitting in the doctor's office waiting room early the other morning.  I found "O" magazine on the table next to me.  I didn't even get the chance to open it because the cover gave me a post idea.  Oprah had favorite things, so I thought I must too.  I got busy jotting down my faves.

Like my "People of the Year," I came up with twelve.  Here they are (minus the cleavage):

Kitchen Aid mixer - LOVE it!  Got it in April.  Now can't figure out how I ever baked without it.
Pink Old Navy overcoat/trench-type thingy (I just found out it's called a "car coat") - My favorite thing in my wardrobe.  Can't tell you why.  I just like how it looks.  During the Spokane trip, this bright pink color was kind of a theme.  I bought Gerber daisies for the graves I went and visited.
Ikea pillow - I bought one for the Warden originally, and he LOVES it, so I went back and bought me one.  I can't even tell you what I love about it.  I just do.  Super pliable and comfy.

Oregon water (I'm a water snob) - LOVE Oregon's water.  Maybe not all of Oregon, but the water that comes into my house is delish.
Bruttles soft peanut brittle - the shop was next to our hotel in Spokane.  Everyday, the maid would leave some on the pillow on the bed.  The thing I don't like about hard peanut brittle is that it's hard and well, brittle.  This stuff practically melts in your mouth.
Our old piano - I love it for what #1 can do with it.  It was my great-grandparents piano that came west with them.  Built in 1879.  The Warden offered to refinish it for me way back, but I just can't do it.  Maybe after I'm dead and gone someone'll get their hands on it, but for now, I'm happy with it just the way it is.
Squeaky shoes - LOVE these.  Some people don't want their kids to make any more noise than is absolutely necessary.  Yes, if my 12-year-old was wearing these, then I'd feel the same, but I love knowing where my 2-year-old is when she's not in my sight.
Sprinter van - What can I say?  My home away from home.  It's a great ride, and my friends all know when I'm around.  I have to be a really careful driver because I'm so darned conspicuous.
Zaycon Foods (not so much a thing, but where I get things) - I am so stocked up on chicken and beef right now because of Zaycon.  Wonderful!
Dry pack cannery (again...not necessarily a thing) - I now go once a month and spend about $100 on food that will last us for 30 years if needed.  Actually, that's kind of a joke.  With teenagers in the house, 30 days'd be a feat.
Envelope system (can this one be a thing?) - This is working miracles on our finances.  I can't recommend this one enough.  Absolutely love it!  I'll give you another update here in a few days.
Ikea Swedish meatballs with lingon berries - Ikea is #6's favorite place in the world.  When asked if he'd rather go to Disneyland or Ikea, he chooses Ikea (mind you, he's never been to Disneyland, but for now, he's saving me oodles of money).  The reasons he loves Ikea--the playland and the meatballs.  What more could a 5-year-old boy want from life?

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