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Monday, December 26, 2011

So, the tests are done.

Here's how it all went down....

It was true that I could take an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper with notes written on one side with me to the test, so I worked my tail off getting notes together.  What I ended up with was a page of paper in 5pt. font and justified .25"  margins all the way around.  Each sentence fed into the next.  It was HILARIOUS!  When the proctor saw me walk in with it, she asked me if I needed a magnifying glass because she had one in her desk she was happy to lend to me.  I refused it and felt grateful to have relatively good eyes close up still.

The Warden and I packed our things, and he drove me to the testing center.  He sat and waited.  I took the careers test first--20 questions.  I was done in 15 minutes.  I walked back out and got the personal finance test. 

Usually, in the course syllabus, it states how many questions and what kind of questions will appear in the final.  This class did not.  I went in blind--no quizzes or midterms to preface this final.  I hadn't a clue what to expect.

It ended up being 33 questions--all multiple choice.  I'm sure I got a number of them correct but the last number of them were TOUGH!  I'm thankful that I scored well on the term project, so I'm hoping I end up with about a B.

I walked out just glad it was over.

Funny thing was that the testing center was closing for good that night.  My need for using it was over as well, so that worked out nicely.

The testing center is located near a station for the light rail train system.  The Warden and I would be staying at the Marriott Hotel downtown that night for our get-away, so when I got done with the tests, we walked out, got our bags out of the car, bought tickets and boarded the train to head downtown.

We checked in and headed down the street to the Saucebox for dinner.  We had potstickers, egg rolls, salad rolls and Korean ribs.  We spent the rest of the evening just talking and hanging out.  It was so nice.

The next morning, I woke at 5:40.  What is up with 5:40?!  I wake at that same time EVERY morning.  Who needs an alarm clock?  I was able to eventually fall back asleep and slept until 7:30.

We eventually packed up and boarded the train again.  We went to breakfast, did a bit of last minute Christmas shopping and headed home.

It was an ideal way to finish off the stressful class.  Glad to have it all done.  So nice of the Warden to set this all up.  So great to have some time just with him!

At this point, I have one final class to take.  It's a matter of writing a summary paper (and a few other things) to conclude by BYU education.  While we were gone, I tried to look it up to see how much the course would cost, but it wasn't listed in the catalog.  Could it be that they're not offering it any more?  I would absolutely love it if they were to say that I'm all done.  What are the chances?  We'll see when I call them tomorrow (they're closed today).


Alyson said...

I'm glad those tests are over with! I hope you did really well on them, my fingers are crossed. Can't wait to hear how you have to finish this thing out, you're so close to the finish line!!

Tonya said...

So glad the testing is done! And how fun to have a get away to celebrate.

I think it's cool that you and your hubs do that every so often.

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