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Sunday, December 18, 2011

What I'm Reading

So, I'm moving my way along....

I got to Alma 8:20 this morning, so far.

I have to say that I'm impressed with Alma and his lack of thinking of himself.  His only desire is to help people find the Savior.  He is very bitterly disrespected and rejected, and as he walks away from the situation, his only feeling is sorrow for the people and what they are becoming.

I'm also impressed by the idea of what the gospel does for people--it civilizes them.  Without Christ, we become increasingly animal-like and barbaric.  With it, we rise above these things and become more kind, loving and respectful of others.

There were two things that caught me in verse 20.  First the fact that God is aware of us and knows just how to relieve us in our times of distress--particularly if we're trying to follow Him and do His will.  But the second thing was the note I had written under this verse.  Normally, I would have probably written the words "tender mercy" under this kind of experience, but I had written "A breath of fresh air."  That's EXACTLY what a tender mercy is to me--kind of a breath of heavenly air.

Just thought I'd share.  Enjoy your day!  I hope you have many breaths of fresh air.

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