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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fire Lit

I totally had plans to be finished with my studying night before last.  If I'd known then what I know now, I would have been, Here's what has me still going:

"During the exam, you cannot use your notes, PowerPoints, textbook or teaching tools. It is OK to use a financial calculator, but all other helps are not allowed. You are allowed to use a full 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper written on one side which you will hand in with the exam."

Does this sound like I can have a piece of paper to write notes on one side during the test to anyone else?  Well, that's how I had interpreted it.  Then,night before last, right before I went to bed, I read this:

"The exam will be closed to all class materials (i.e., book, notes, Teaching Tools, and PowerPoints). I do allow one 8.5" x 11" page of notes, printed one side, which you will hand in with the exam."

What?!  Now, that's a completely different story, don't you think?  Had I known this was what the first quote had said, I would have been working on that one page WAY back at the beginning of the class.

Well, I called BYU first thing yesterday morning to clarify and sure enough, I get to take a page of notes in with me.

The thing that freaks me out about this class is that there have been no quizzes, no midterms, just an enormous project that was more than daunting.  I have no  idea what a test will look like.  I'm anticipating a bunch of case studies that I have to respond to.  Somehow from that one piece of paper, I'm going to come up with the answers for "Jim and Barbara" who have overextended their credit and "Steve and Mindy" who want to use some of their money for investments, and I'm supposed to tell them if I think they're ready for that step and what the future value of their investments'll be.

I only have one thing to say on this topic.....


So, I have taken, so far, hundreds of pages of notes--I'm not kidding--and consolidated them down to a page.  I have about 50 pages left still and no paper left to fit them onto, but I WILL do this, I'm determined. 

As of this afternoon, it'll all be over.  Oh, no, wait....I have four hours to take this test in, so as of tonight, it'll be all over.  Wish me luck.  Pray for me, okay?  I have no clue what I'm walking into.


Alyson said...

I am furiously wishing you good luck over here!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Julie! You will nail it!! YES!!

Remember "Focus determines our reality." -Qui Gon

Diane said...

Teachers only let you use a piece a paper to encourage you to go through all of your notes. You probably know 90%+ just from trying to fit what you can on the one sheet of paper. I doubt you'll even need to refer back to that one page.

And YES those two statements were very different in meaning.

Good Luck! I am glad you are almost to the end.

Jef said...

You well know that the Lord promises that if we do all we can, he will pick up the slack. (not a direct quote of the scriptures but you get it right?) I believe that the promise applies to test taking as well. When I was in college, I would go into a test feeling like I would bomb it even though I had studied as hard as I could. I just remembered the promise and said a little prayer to ask that the information that was necessary would be brought to the forefront of my memory where I could access it. And more often than not (depending on my faith) I would ace the test.

Make your prayer very specific before your test. The Lord has promised that he will give you whatever you ask for in faith, and if you ask for the ability to pass your test He is bound to give it to.

Holly and I will pray for you too.

vaxhacker said...

You know, I kept looking at the title of this post and trying to think of what kind of literature was called "Fire Lit", and why you were studying it.

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