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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Birthday #4!

Twelve special things about #4:
  • He is a great soccer goalie.
  • He was due to be born on 1/1/00--Y2K.
  • He's compassionate.
  • He has remarkable eye color.
  • He has two whorls in his hair which make his hair, when it's long enough, go into a natural faux-hawk.
  • He was born 9 months after my mom passed away--he was my hope in my time of mourning.
  • He is the only of my mom's children or grandchildren that has her coloring.
  • The day he was born, when my dad walked into the hospital room and greeted us, #4 turned his head toward him. 
  • He's extremely loyal.
  • He's very creative.
  • He remembers lines to movies like no one's business.
  • He's learning to play the trombone.


    vaxhacker said...

    Happy Birthday!

    Julie said...

    Thanks VH! The years have gone by quickly, huh?

    vaxhacker said...

    Way, way, too quickly.

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