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Friday, February 15, 2013

Update and Feelings on #1's Mission

I would love to be able to say more about the situation with our daughter and her teacher, but I can't at this time. There are some frustrating details and feelings, but I don't feel that it would be wise to share them right now. As I can express more, I will. For now, I feel that I must remain quiet.

Now, onto other things.....

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#1's mission call should arrive next week. We are so looking forward to this and can't help but try to guess where it will be. Seriously, who doesn't do this?

I have friends who served in the same mission I did who also took their kids over to help with the tsunami clean up. Those friends' oldest children have now received mission calls, and those calls have been to U.S. cities. That's what I'm anticipating for #1 as well.

Considering that we have friends in so many places in the United States, she should be among friends no matter where she goes. Very excited to find out where this will be. She has stated that she doesn't care where. She will be happy to serve wherever.

image: en.wikipedia.org
I was reading the Friend magazine to my little ones the other day. There was a story by a young girl from Ohio. As I looked at her picture, I was impressed with the idea that #1 will touch lives no matter where she goes, and her life will be touched in exchange. What an awesome experience awaits her!

Earning money for this experience has been miraculous. There have been money making opportunities for her around every corner. They have been nothing that I pictured for her. To be honest, I envisioned her coming home and immediately finding a full-time job that would keep her out and working every day.

What I had really hoped for her was that she would come home and have experiences with serving others who needed her. I hoped that these experiences would help her prepare for what lies ahead.

The funny thing is that many of the jobs that have come her way have included some element of service, but she's also been able to be home for many hours of the day--a wonderful tender mercy for me. Not only has she been sweet company for me (something I will cherish after she's gone), but she's been able to serve here at home too. She has jumped in and stepped up, and that has been yet another tender mercy; something I totally didn't expect.

image: mamachocolateblog.com 
A couple weeks ago, I was trying to figure in my mind how much of her portion she had earned. I was a bit stressed and told her she might have to explain to the stake president that she needed to delay in order to earn the necessary money. We sat down and crunched the numbers and found that she was in GREAT shape. She's nearly there. It was then that I saw the miracle of it all and how God has been looking out for her and me at the same time. So glad that He knows both of us and our needs and wants so well.

I can't help but believe/know that He's FULLY behind this. He's got her back...and mine.

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Margie said...

We're still a ways away from any missions- and both converts, so I am wondering- how does that work- how much of the money do you have to have in advance?

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