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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Delayed Frog Eating

image: avani-mehta.com
You know the phrase "eat the frog" first? Meaning, if you were told that every day you'd have to eat a frog, would you do it first thing in the morning, or would you wait until the end of the day? Well, as we got to looking at all that #1 needs to do before she leaves, we took that idea to heart. We thought, let's get rid of all of the most unpleasant tasks first, so we don't have to stress about them later.

We just heard from the travel office at our health clinic. Our policy doesn't cover travel, so it will all have to be paid for out of pocket. They said they wanted to consult with #1 first, for $50, to see what they feel she needs. We already know what the Church feels is prudent, but the insurance company may add on their own--fun, fun, fun! She may end with gamma globulin after all, YIKES!

I shared with the insurance company what we knew the church required. The insurance company rep said that influenza and DTaP were routine, so they would be free but typhoid would be $58--no biggie. Then there will be anything else the insurance company adds on. They also said that there was plenty of time, so we should contact them again around June. So much for eating that frog. We'll contact them in April.

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