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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Outpouring and Down Pouring of Tender Mercies

Just thought I'd take a moment to give you a glimpse into #1's world. There have been some pretty sweet tender mercies land in her lap, for which we are very grateful. Never have I seen so many land in such rapid succession. Is it because I've been unobservant in the past?....

image: sistermissionaryclothes.com
We, just as of these past two weeks, have sister missionaries in our ward. This means that #1 can go out and learn some of the ropes from them. Had we still had Elders, she wouldn't be able to do this, so this is a nice little blessing to have come her way right now. She is actually leaving with them in just a few minutes from now.

We have a friend who served in the Philippines who we're going to go see in a couple weeks to hear her son speak before he leaves on his mission in the Alps. She has a tape of children's songs sung in Tagalog as well as some books and things for #1 to peruse. Awesome! Nice that she'll have a little exposure to the language.

image: amazon.com
A friend brought some Girl Scout Tagalong cookies to our door yesterday morning. So CUTE! Tagalongs are #1s favorites. When she was a Girl Scout, she would always order her own box of Tagalongs just for her. By the way, we know the language isn't called "Tagalong," but it's awful close.

It's been great connecting with other moms whose kids are going to the Philippines through ldsmissionarymoms.com. I got a tip from one on shoes just this morning. The other day, one posed a question about lice and fungus, which I understand are concerns for the Philippines. She asked about tea tree oil. I had heard of it but have never used it and really know nothing but the name.

image: care2.com
I posed the question on Facebook and instantly received answers. All I asked was, "Does anyone know anything about tea tree oil?" and the first respondent said something about it being an antifungal. She chimed in just seconds later with something about putting a couple drops of it into shampoo and that it will kill lice. There you go! Wow! She didn't even know why I was asking, but she provided the exact answers I needed within seconds.

Here's the other funny thing about that whole bit....

A couple weeks ago, I checked my messages on Facebook, and a friend who lives in Washington wrote and said she was coming down to do a class on essential oils. Would I like to come? Well, I've received many, many invitations like this and have turned every one of them down. I'm just out too many nights of the week and feel for my kids and husband when I do that to them too much.

This invitation was so personal that I really couldn't say no, so I was already scheduled to go to learn more about tea tree oil before I even knew it was going to be something #1 would need. Pretty nice little tender mercy, wouldn't you say? Someone's watching out for us rather carefully.

Then, there's the friend who just called to tell me about dresses on sale. She just bought one for her daughter who's heading to Brazil. And the other friend who happened to have two sewing machines, and I could have one if I didn't mind messing with the tension a bit. I'm not sure how to "mess with the tension," but I figure you tube must have something for me, right?

The friend with the machine also had a number of skirt patterns, so #1 got to look through those and found two she really liked.

Wow! This is all so amazing!

image: twfec.org
To be honest, I've never felt such love and support as we've experienced since #1 put in her mission papers. I truly feel like the whole world is on her side. What a wonderful feeling! So much love has been shown to #1 and to our whole family. Thank you!!!

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LeAnn said...

I am so excited for your daughter's mission. I sent one of my daughters on a mission to Venezuela.This brings back memories of shopping for clothes. Now you can be a bit more colorful in those clothes choice. Rest assured that your sweet daughter will be protected. As nurse for the Spokane Washington mission I can tell you that the missionaries are watched over. Guardian Angels will surround them. There were many moments when talking with them about a health concern I wouldn't know what to tell them and then it would come into my thoughts. I had many spiritual experiences with the Elders and Sister.
Blessings to you all as you prepare for her to go on her mission.

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