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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Crockpot Menu - Week #5

You may see a number of breakfasts repeat during this coming month's menus. I really slacked on the breakfast thing. I'd be all snuggled up in my bed and suddenly remember that I hadn't filled the crockpot and started it up. I also haven't figured out how to use the outlet timer yet. I tried it out and failed the other day, so I need to pore over the instructions (or maybe in my case it's "destructions) one more time to see what I was doing wrong.

Here are the links to the recipes for this week....

SundayBreakfastMexican breakfast casserole
DinnerCranberry roast
MondayBreakfastapple oatmeal
Baked potato soup
TuesdayBreakfastbreakfast burritos
DinnerPulled Pork Sandwiches
WednesdayBreakfastSausage and Egg casserole
DinnerChicken and corn chowder
ThursdayBreakfastcheese souffle
Dinnerchicken paprikash
FridayBreakfastBreakfast bread pudding
Dinnercheesy Italian tortellini
SaturdayBreakfastpumpkin pie dip
DinnerSloppy Joes


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