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Friday, February 15, 2013

Red Dye Success...FINALLY!

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Halloween may have been a complete failure, but Valentine's Day was SWEET SUCCESS!!!

I went to the Dollar Tree two days before Valentine's Day and purchased four bags of chocolate candies--Snickers, KitKats, Milky Ways, and Resee's Peanut Butter Cups. They were the mini size candies.

image: balesflowersfarmington.com
#1 and I, as one of the miraculous money earning opportunities that has come her way, were out delivering flowers together all that day. What a BLAST! Thank you, Natalie, for asking us to do this!

#3 was given the candies and asked to trade Sweetie for the candy he got at school. I made Sweetie promise that he wouldn't eat any candy until he got home, but knowing how hard it is for a kid to see his entire class eating candy and not do it himself, I bent my rule just a bit and told him not to eat any unless it was chocolate. He agreed.

image: recipegirl.com
The high schoolers got home and a few minutes later, the elementary schoolers arrived. The exchange took place.

I wasn't sure what I'd find when we got home from delivering flowers, but all seemed to be fairly peaceful. Again, today, peace.

WOAH! It worked! Sweetie didn't eat any red dye candy. I'm so very proud of him!

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Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

That is sooo awesome, Julie! It's so difficult to control our kids' diets when they are away, but it sounds like you found a wonderful solution! :)

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