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Saturday, February 16, 2013


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May I begin by saying that last night's lasagna was AWESOME! It tasted so fresh. I loved the fact that I didn't have to cook the pasta in advance. That's always a drag. The instructions were either a bit off, or I messed them up--most likely the second, but it still turned out wonderfully.

One of the littler kids came into the kitchen and looked at it and asked what the red stuff was. When I said it was tomatoes, there was the reply, "I'm not touching that stuff." That child ended up eating the whole serving.

image: finecooking.com
I thought for sure it would be the "green stuff" not the tomatoes that would make everybody stick their noses up at it, but not at all. I even saw one of the kids pull a piece of the Swiss chard out and eat it by itself.

The only problem was there was just barely enough. I think next time I'll double the recipe.

***Here's a little correction to yesterday's blog post. Originally, I wrote that missionaries learning a foreign language stay in the MTC for two months and those speaking their native language stay for three weeks. That has changed. I just learned from a man who works at the MTC and commented on a Facebook post that questioned this very thing that:

"Native speakers stay 12 days. Latin, German, and Nordic languages stay six weeks either at rovo or other MTC. Asian, Russian, and other languages stay nine weeks."

I will go back and fix my post.

So, on to today.....

A number of months back, during our family council, we would schedule a weekly family outing. Lately, that hasn't been happening. I'm kicking myself that it hasn't, so today, that is the plan. We're all going to work like dogs to get our house cleaned up and then reward ourselves with some fun adventure.

I'm leaning toward swimming, but we'll see what the fam decides. The Maritime Museum and the Oregon Historical Museum both have free days today also, so maybe we'll tend that way.

Tonight is the Oregon American Mothers gala. I'm giving the opening prayer. I just hope my dress still fits from last year. The Warden's driving some kids to a dance while I'm off eating salmon and watching them name the  2013 Mother and Young Mother of the Year.

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