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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crockpot Menu - Week 3

I've been really lousy with breakfasts, and to top it off, I didn't go grocery shopping today. Next week preschool starts, and I'm delivering flowers for Valentine's Day for two days. Wish me luck on getting the shopping done. Regardless of what happens with that, here are the things I had scheduled for this week.

Last week's recipes were really good. We particularly liked the potato soup and the chicken with dumplings. I also learned that when you're putting cheese on top of a crockpot dish, add it at the very end. Don't put it on when you first turn on your crockpot. That is, unless you like really crispy cheese.

When I copied and pasted my spreadsheet here, it's really crammed this week. Sorry. I hope you can still decipher what I'm trying to make.

Oh, and I couldn't say no to Nutella banana bread. Can you blame me?

Sunday Breakfast potatoes and sausages 
Dinner taco soup 
Monday Breakfast Pumpkin pudding 
Dinner Southwestern 2 Bean Chicken

Tuesday Breakfast Yogurt 
Dinner chicken and stuffing casserole
Wednesday Breakfast French toast casserole
Dinner crockpot mac and cheese 
Thursday Breakfast nutella banana bread
Dinner tacos
Friday Breakfast biscuit breakfast casserole
Dinner Lasagna 
Saturday Breakfast German pancakes
Dinner Leftovers


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Julie Hess said...

I just asked the mac and cheese connoisseur in our house what crockpot mac and cheese recipe was the best. She said it was this one (http://hessesmadhouseannex.blogspot.com/2010/09/shailas-mac-and-cheese.html), so I'm changing Wednesday night's recipe.

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