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Sunday, February 17, 2013

In the Mail!

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#1 and I walked home from church (a mile) barefoot today. It's the middle of February in Oregon. Yes, folks, this is what memories are made of.

I had been delayed by quite a few things and the family had been sitting in the car for a long time. #1 had something to do too, so she and I sent the family on their way and told them we'd walk. We were both wearing high heels, so we plucked them off and set off for home.

We chatted about life and of course, her upcoming mission.

I checked with the bishop this morning when I was in his office for a meeting. He found that she had been "assigned." He followed that word with "It's in the mail."

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This is really happening!

Both #1 and I talked about how we expect that she'll be called stateside. Of course, going foreign would be an amazing adventure. We can't lie, we'd both like to see her go out of the country, but we both know that wherever it is is where she belongs. It's just so exciting!

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Then again, I guess she could end up being called to serve in the same mission with this young man. I don't think that'd be a problem for her at all. ->>

So, the holiday will most likely postpone the call by a day or two, so we're thinking Thursday or Friday this week. It really is hard to know though. She was told within three weeks, so it could, I guess, be even longer than that.


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Whoop! In the mail!!

My sister served in the same mission as Elder Archuleta {Chile Rancagua} only she left about five months before he got there. She says it's so funny to get updates from her old companions and mission friends and even her mission president about him.

LeAnn said...

I am so excited for you all. We were excited for all of our 3 boys when they got their mission calls. However, I think our daughter's call was the most exciting of all. Maybe because she was the last one to go. Just enjoy the moments of the letter opening.

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