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Friday, February 22, 2013

Back Off?

A friend's daughter got her mission call recently. When questioned why it didn't show up on her Facebook wall, the woman replied, "Well, it is my daughter's thing, not mine, so it's on her wall."

I got to thinking....maybe this is my daughter's thing as well. I mean, it is, of course. Maybe I should back off.

Then I realized that many of my friends are not necessarily my daughter's friends. I even have relatives that my daughter doesn't know who are interested in what she's going to be doing and where she's going to be heading. Especially those who aren't of our faith are curious. Many of them seem to be almost as excited about this as I am.

#1 doesn't seem to have any problem with me writing about it, so maybe it's all good.

I am excited for her. She's my first. I should be excited, shouldn't I? Maybe it's just that I have a different relationship with #1. Maybe with my kids in the future, they'll tell me to back off. For now, I'm grateful for #1's easy-going-ness with this whole thing.

She is a level kid, very much like my mom was. Nothing gets her down and nothing gets her super excited. I tend to be different in these ways. Can you see why I always wanted to be like my mom? Well, raising a child so like her is a wonderful gift.

So, keep watching my wall. I'll let you know when it all goes down and where she's off to. I'm still excited but trying to keep it under wraps a bit.

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Alyson said...

I have every respect for your friend and her perspective. But it isn't my perspective. My kids are very much my thing—their achievements, their excitements, their life events, they are big moments for me as well. I am proud of them, and I will trumpet them, because they are a part of came came from me, on my FB and everywhere else. :)

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