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Friday, February 22, 2013

How Do You Keep the Fire Lit?

I just went down to put pellets in the pellet stove. It made me think of what I wrote to a dear friend the other day. Thought I'd share it with you too. It's funny how sometimes the most mundane things in life can teach you a profound principle. Such was the case with the pellet stove on Sunday morning. Here's the Parable of the Pellet Stove for you.....

image: countrysidestove.com
We have a pellet stove that heats our entire house. There are so many of us that feed that thing the pellets it needs that we often think someone else has put a bag in, and it ends up that the fire goes out and the house slowly turns colder because, in fact, no one has put the needed pellets in.

This has happened so much lately that I've gotten so I recognize the sound it makes as the pellets are running out. It's a very subtly different sound and things have to be really quiet for me to hear it.

image: westernfireplace.com
This morning, as I was laying here, I could hear it struggling, so I went down and sure enough, found that the pellets needed to be fed to the spot so they could reach the auger to keep the fire going. I shoved them down and everything was happy. I had saved the fire, but that was only a temporary fix. I had to go out to the garage and get another bag to make sure the fire lasted longer. I did that and all was good for another day. 

So, my question for the day....What are you doing to feed yourself the pellets you need? How are you getting them into the place in your heart where they are needed so they can keep warmth in your life? Church helps a little bit, but I'm sure you're aware that they need to be fed mostly by yourself. What do you do to keep your fire lit?


LeAnn said...

What a great analogy; food for thought. The two things that keeps my fire lit on a daily basis is reading the scriptures and of course prayer. If I forget to do those two I find myself colder.
Blessing to you!

Julie Hess said...

Me too, LeAnn. Exactly. A day without the Book of Mormon is like a day without chocolate, and we all know how BAD that can be.

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