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Monday, February 25, 2013

Preparation Starts Today

Three shots and a pair of glasses. That's what we're after today. The shots are diphteria, tetanus, pertussis, typhoid, and influenza. The other required immunizations were all up to date, so that saved her a bit of stress. Thank goodness for small favors.

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#1 just called about the shots. Sounds like they'll have to be paid out of pocket, and it's not as easy as I thought and hoped it would be. We have to wait for a call from the "travel office" either today or tomorrow. They want to know her itinerary. Haha! Yah, right. Okay, so did we jump the gun on this one? All we know is that she'll probably be in the Philippines in August or September-ish. Looking back at what I learned, Asian languages stay in the MTC for nine weeks, so probably more like September.

I really thought it would be the opposite--making the eye appointment would take forever and we would be able to walk right in and get the shots. Do you see what an education this is going to be for me?

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We are also now in search of Crocs crossmesh ballet flats. I can find them in lots of places, actually, but so far not in her size (8). As far as clothes go, we're looking for things made of natural fibers that will keep her cooler in the heat. Funny, but I never thought she'd be sent to a tropical place. So glad we didn't buy anything until after she received her call. To be honest, it was very tempting to do so. The trickiest thing is finding dresses and skirts that go just past the knee. They need to be at her knee when she sits down. We're looking for cotton and linen. It may be time to invest in a sewing machine. The one I have is broken. It would be great to have #1 making some of her own skirts.

Yesterday, a friend from many years ago came forward saying that Olongapo was her mission. She gave a lot of useful tips. She said that #1 would need to plan for clothes for hot and hotter and wet and wetter. So, that's what we're after. We did find one skirt in her closet and one blouse in her sisters--what are the chances we can talk #3 out of that blouse?

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We also found a food cart in downtown Portland that sells Filipino food, so we're going to head down there one of these days really soon for some shopping and to give the cuisine a try. I've also found a few recipes I'm going to give a try at home. I threatened that I would make pigs feet stew, and I think she thought I was kidding, but really, I wasn't. I think I'll make it and serve it some night without anyone knowing.

This is going to be so fun!

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vaxhacker said...

Your friend who served in that mission is probably your best source of hints, but it seems to me it might be wise to figure getting clothes over in the mission area may be cheaper and the selection more plentiful, not to mention making travel and packing a bit easier.

What an exciting time, I'm looking forward to this with our boys and it's not as far away as I'm entirely comfortable with :) About the same as #2 for you, since my #1 and your #2 are about the same age. Where does the time go?

I seem to recall needing to show my itinerary for my shots as well, when going to Taiwan. I think part of that is making sure they're not given too far before travel to be effective (and far enough to be fully functioning when you arrive), as well as making sure you get the right shots for where you're going.

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