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Sunday, February 10, 2013

More on the Top Down Bullying Situation

Since people have asked about the situation with my daughter and her teacher, I thought I'd give a little update....

My husband, being a middle school principal, gets emails from angry parents regarding things teachers have done and said, ALL the time. It was actually funny (in a very sad way) because while we were discussing this with him and encouraging him to contact the high school principal, he first checked his inbox. Sitting there were at least two emails of this sort for him to respond to.

He shared that frequently parents immediately take the side of their kid and don't even wait to know all of the facts before they jump. This is the rule; not the exception.

He started to write to the principal and stopped. He turned to our daughter and me and said, "When this happens at my school, I always ask the parents if they've spoken with the teacher yet. I think we need to do that first."

So, we did.

The Warden is very diplomatic. He is slow to judge or accuse before he knows every fact there is to know. He questioned our daughter and asked her for everything she could remember about what the teacher had said and done and included them in a my-daughter-claims-that-this-is-what-happened way in the email. All that he said at the end was, "Will you please explain."

That was it.

We'll see what the teacher says in response and make our next move based on that.


Meghan, Carson and the Kiddos said...

When I read the story of your daughter, I immediately thought that the Warden would probably have some good advice! At the school my girls go to, the administration and teachers always ask the parents at the beginning of the school year to go the person who is closest to the situation when a problem arises (ie, a problem with the teacher, go to the teacher first). I think you're handling it appropriately and hopefully after talking with the teacher the problem can be solved and everyone can move on. I'm also curious if i know that teacher but that would just be for gossip's sake!

LeAnn said...

I think it was a very wise move. I will look forward to you posting the results.

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