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Friday, February 8, 2013

Back to the Old Schedule: Just What February Needs

Of course it's February. I didn't catch onto that fact until I hung up from calling my dad today. Immediately after hanging up, I said out loud--no one was with me--"Can I talk to Mom?"

Every year at this time automatically, my heart goes to my mom. EVERY year. It's now been 14 years. It never fails. I become very down.

It wasn't until I said that in the car today that I realized what was hanging me up. Well, duh! It's February. Nothing else need be said than that.

The happy thing is, I'm not even half way through the month, and I life is already looking up. I resurrected this schedule and started following it yesterday. I feel a bit more in control now. It was sitting in the Annex blog, so I needed to repost it here, so I don't have to search there for it anymore.

  • Pray
  • Scripture study

6 to 8am
  • Shower
  • Wash face/brush teeth
  • Get dressed
  • Make up, hair, earrings
  • Straighten bedroom
  • Make bed
  • Start laundry
  • Make breakfast
  • Dishes
  • Straighten kitchen
  • Clean sink

9 to 11am
  • Straighten house
  • Sesame Street (one episode together)
  • Read with kids
  • Today's mission (see below)

11am to 2pm
  • Make lunch
  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean sink
  • Read, sing, and pray with L/L's naptime
  • Laundry
  • Free time

2 to 4pm
  • Prepare snack for kids
  • Time with kids

4 to 6pm
  • Prep for dinner 
  • Kids' jobs

6 to 8pm
  • Dinner
  • Clean up
  • Straighten house
  • Shine sink

8 to 9:30pm 
  • Floss, wash face, brush teeth
  • Wipe bathroom sink
  • Jammies on
  • Last load of wash into dryer
  • Lay out tomorrow's clothes
  • Check calendar for tomorrow
  • Set up schedule for next day
  • Pray

  • Sunday - planning day
  • Monday - laundry and upstairs
  • Tuesday - grocery prep and kitchen
  • Wednesday - desk tasks and downstairs
  • Thursday - catch up 
  • Friday -  errands, car and date night
  • Saturday - deep clean and family fun

I originally shared this schedule back in August of 2009. This works for me. I'm glad I had written it down. It was nice to have it there when I needed it and not have to go reinvent the wheel.

Life is just good if I can get going before the kids are up. I've also learned that I can't follow a strict schedule. There are just too many other schedules I have to work around at a moment's notice. What works best for me is to have broad times as guidelines and a list what I need to do during that time. If I do this, I don't feel so stressed. 

So, bring on February. This year, it's not going to get me down. This year, I'm on top of it. Thanks to a blog post written three and a half years ago. Yay!

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