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Sunday, March 25, 2012


With the Sweetie thing, #5's asthma issues, and the purse thing, life's been a bit different lately.  There have been new challenges that have landed in our laps.  Thank you to all who have prayed for us and our situations.  We are in a good place now.  Things aren't 100% resolved, but we're on our way, and that's a good feeling.  I feel strongly that much of that progress is thanks to those prayers.  Thank you!

Today, I asked for topics to blog about from my friends on Facebook.  There are a few that I've asked for clarification on, but here's what I've got so far....

  • Coloring pictures
  • My last Easter with my mom
  • Competitive mommy-ing
  • How to quiet children without electronics
  • How often I plan something for myself, and how I pull it off
  • How to motivate children to work/complete their chores
  • Random acts of kindness
So, I will get to work on these.  Funny.  I don't feel like I'm good at any of these.  I'm kind of a trudger, but I take these topics to be a challenge for myself.  Maybe it's time to create a plan and share how I'm going to implement them in my life.  Thanks for the ideas.  I'm going to be better because of you.

Anyone else want to add a topic?


Diane said...

I like your topics.

LeAnn said...

The topics for discussion are great ones. I will enjoy seeing some of your posts on these. I hope all is well and I am happy that your prayers are being answered.

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