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Monday, March 12, 2012

Pancakes, Pancakes and More Pancakes

#4 is making dinner tonight.  He's making Okonomiyaki (p. 27 of the Madhouse cookbook)--Japanese pancakes.

As we were hanging out in the kitchen, I thought back on the dinner I made last night--crepes (French pancakes)--chicken divan crepes and crepes with strawberries in them for dessert.

Chicken Divan Crêpes 
from http://www.hungrybrowser.com/phaedrus/m0121W04.htm#2

Rich, but so good!

1/4-cup butter
1/4-cup flour
2-cups chicken broth
2-tsp Worcestershire sauce
3-cups grated cheddar cheese
2-cups dairy sour cream
(2) 10-ounce packages, frozen broccoli spears or 1 1/2-pounds broccoli,
cooked and drained
2-cups chopped cooked chicken
12-cooked crêpes

Over medium heat, melt butter in small saucepan. Stir in flour and cook
until bubbly. Add broth and Worcestershire sauce; cook, stirring until
thickened. Add 2 cups cheese. Empty sour cream into medium bowl; gradually
add hot cheese sauce, stirring constantly. In large shallow baking dish,
place cooked broccoli and cooked chicken on each crêpe. Spoon 1 tablespoon
sauce over each. Fold crêpes over. Pour remaining sauce over all. Sprinkle
with remaining cup of cheese. Cover and heat in 350ºF (177ºC) oven for 20 to
30 minutes. Makes 12 crêpes.

Last week, #5 made us American pancakes, and a couples weeks ago, he made German pancakes.

Hmm.  I see a theme here, don't you?


Patrick and Paige said...

You should add Curry powder to this recipe and a little lemon juice. Can't have divan without it. Plus, curry can prevent several kinds of cancer...can't go wrong with curry, in fact, I add it to our rice cooker Mac-n-Cheese;) try it! Enjoy!

Julie said...

THAT's what it was missing! First time I'd made it. Definitely curry would have been a great addition. If I do it again, I'll definitely add it. Thanks!

lia london, author and writing coach said...

You are the true International House of Pancakes!

Alyson said...

I find it interesting what favorite foods and recipes we each bring home. I don't even remember how okonomiyaki tastes, if I ever ate it; but I certainly used to make gyoza all the time, and mabodofu gets made at least once every few weeks here, and curry rice every other week at minimum.

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